Our Partnership With Millennial Train Project


Thanks to 49 amazing backers, “The Questions 100” series will be joining the Millennial Train Project from August 10-17. During the journey, Hearts Converse founder Natelege Whaley and more than 20 other millennials are stopping in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Denver, Milwaukee and Detroit to implement their unique ideas.

Whaley will be interviewing millennials of color from each city for “The Questions 100” series. The theme of this year’s journey is “UNITY.” We are grateful to have the opportunity to partner with MTP for a portion of the series. For more info about the non-profit, find out more info here.

MTP is “crowd-funded transcontinental train journeys for diverse groups of young innovators to explore America’s new frontiers, grow as leaders, and launch projects that benefit and inspire their communities.”

We want to thank the following individuals for donating to our Indigogo campaign in the past two months to make this possible:


Lakesha Balkcom

Imani Whaley

Troy S. Walker

Shaneé Lucas

Kristina Bustos

Alexandra Bolden

Erin Evans


Tammara Walker

Hannah Mixdorf

Shanice Davis


Tyree Boyd-Pates

Alston Family

  1. Oliver

Sandra A. Warwell

Lashanda Belfort

Kristal Hansley

Jeff Stashbox

Camille Augustin

Tiffany Whaley

George Chapman

Ayanna Greene

Rhushanda Burke

Richie Cyrus

Kiah McBride

Yetti Ajayi-Obe

Chaniqua Nelson

Sonia Leslie

Nasola Wilson

Brandon Moorer

Chloë Narine


Zaria Poem

Geoffrey Witherspoon

Rhael LionHeart Cape

Hilma Whaley

Keith B

Jalisa Barnes




Utak West

Rasheed VP