The Questions 100 — No. 9: Vusi on Freedom, Black Lives Matter and Gender ID





It’s happening organically. It’s the most wondrous thing right now for me because it has confidence. How I’m living right now is confidently being true to myself and very much not concerned about what other people say about me. I lost that and I’m so grateful for that so definitely.

I learned a lot about myself through other people so it’s a lot of learning about what makes other people or what gets other people to the next stage and that information I always refer back to myself. I always relate it back to me. Like how it is that I could get to the stage where they’re at?  Where I can live [and] truly get to see for myself. So it’s a lot of investing time to read articles, watch your favorite stuff, your favorite peoples. Just knowing what interests you and sticking to that and running off to that and investing time into the things that you care about. And a lot of the time the things that you take interest in are the things that allow for your whole process to unfold. So it’s been a lot of reading and watching and observing and just being aware of my environment and myself.


When I walk down the street and I’ll be so self-contained and so self-assured and being in my own zone like, “Okay, I’m doing what I’m doing and I’m doing me best.” And somebody would be so touched by that it will move them and not in a good way. To the point where they have to throw out comments at me and they just bounce off me only to go back to them like a boomerang because I feel like somebody who knows themselves wouldn’t be bothered with how another person lives their life. And if you’re having trouble with that and disassociating and keeping to your own peace…because if it is that I was disturbing then just look away like a person would [pauses]. If you see a corpse, you’ll usually just *looks away* because you want to keep your peace. [But] you want to cause confusion for somebody else. Then that’s when you start yelling and get insults hurled at me. Then I know definitely that that person is not in touch with themselves. They’re not aware that their true nature is peace, it’s being whole, because otherwise they would just speak from their peace and be whole and if I am disturbing look away.


Recently, I think it was about a year ago when I actually was learning more about being non-conformative particularly concerning gender. I know you always see your Lenny Kravitz wearing heels but there wasn’t a particular language. It was always like a headline to grab attention, [but] to not actually talk about the great idea and the great movement that existing without labels is. Like it was just always about the celebrity doing this and trying to break rules. And the idea, there were no words. The words weren’t there so it’s also an awakening for me and I feel it’s time. People should just let go because it’s gone. That bus is gone. You’re either going to move on or you stay behind and you don’t want to stay behind because you gone die boo. *Laughs*

And it’s just like c’mon, move with the times and just be special. Live and be amazing. Embrace even the things that you don’t know because if you’re only going to be embracing the things that you know then…reason is not enough to explain everything that happens in the world so you know that you’re limited and within that limitation of a brain, all the mechanisms and the systems and compartments you built and all the other baggage you carry and you just think that all of your reasoning is so amazing then I don’t know. I feel it’s like sad. If people don’t embrace things that they don’t know and don’t have faith enough to be open to stuff that isn’t always visible to them or their experience then there’s a problem if you can’t live like that. How do you live in the world and not even recognize the magnificence of the fact that there is a greater power than you?


#BLACKLIVESMATTER has been incredible. Not just for me. Just for everybody it’s the whole consciousness growing at such a rapid speed all around the world. Not just as an idea but also inside. That having to rearrange what you thought about yourself and learning that, I actually matter and tell yourself, talking to yourself and being aware that you do matter. Feeling it as you say it. That’s decolonization on a really incredible level. Because I feel the one way we can change the world is changing ourselves. Because if we change ourselves then we change our spirits and what we believe about ourselves. And we can achieve anything. Because if you believe grand things about yourself, do you have limits?

So I feel the movement has been liberating for me and how it ties with Freedom Day is that it’s concepts and ideas that are so massive that I can’t wait to see what they do for all of humanity in the future. It’s really exciting because there is a lot of momentum right now and a lot of energy. There’s quite a strong energy that even if you don’t believe in it, when you see it, for sure you will be affected somehow.”



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